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Upcoming Comics

Here is the next comic coming up: Bojay Giantess Cartoons (Part Two): More great Giantess-themed cartoons by the fertile mind of Bojay. This collection is all-color comics, with more finished inks than the previous comic. There are more comics coming, including more collections from Bojay. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Comics

Here are the latest comics in the works: House Sitting Part Two: Poor Suzy & Marilyn are reduced to helpless doll sized girls, while nasty Mandy and her pal have grown to sexy adults. Can Suzy and Marilyn prevail against their powerful foes? And just how much humiliation do they have to go through before they do? […]

Upcoming Comics

There are some fun new comics planned for 2017, starting with my personal favorite: House Sitting is a new Suzy & Marilyn AR / AP comic by Palcomix. Suzy and Marilyn are invited to house sit a mansion for a friend, and find that nasty Mandy is the neighborhood troublemaker. Suzy gets into a Weed […]

Flu Shots Five

39 pages, Color, $10.99

The exciting finale with shrunken Madison, sexy Zoe and more!

Upcoming Comics

Here are the next comics coming up! Flu Shots Part Five has an exciting finale with shrunken Madison, her sexy little sister Zoe, brother Michael and more. This part features lots of age regression and progression from multiple characters – and a big showdown between Madison and Zoe! Bojay Cartoons: Another great collection of GTS […]

Upcoming Comics

Sorry for the delay, here are the latest comics coming up: Superguy and the Teen Terrors, a new Rebecca Comic is coming up soon. Two sexy ladies use a shrinking ray to toy with Superguy, in a fun and very erotic take on Giantess and Shrinking Men. The art is great – Rebecca really is […]

Comic Con Part Two

32 pages, Color, $9.99

Giantesses and Shrinking Women at the Comic Convention!

Upcoming Comics

Comic Con Part Two is up next, with lots of female size-changing fun that should appeal to Shrinking Women and Giantess fans. The two sexy Cosplay ladies get in on the action, as does a very surprised Wonder Woman. Superguy and the Teen Terrors, a new Rebecca Comic is after that, a fun and very erotic […]

Flu Shots Four

39 pages, Color, $10.99

As Madison gets younger even little brother Michael looks big to her!

Upcoming Comics

Here are the latest comics: Flu Shots Part Four will be up in the next few weeks, as a shrunken Madison struggles to cope with her huge younger sister Zoe. And now she has to deal with little brother Michael as well! Comic Con Part Two has a lot of female size-changing fun that should appeal to […]

Upcoming Comics

More comics are coming up soon! Comic Con is a fun GTS / SM / SW comic featuring sexy cosplay ladies. Zatanna and her pal Poison Ivy cast growing and shrinking spells on the girls and guys at the comic convention. The comic has some of Bojay’s best art ever, with colors by the Pepper Pair. […]

Flu Shots Three

36 pages, Color, $10.99

Madison is stuck with the kids while Zoe joins the grown ups.

Upcoming Comics

Here are the next comics coming up! Poor Madison has lots more humiliation in store in Flu Shots Part Three. While big sister Madison keeps regressing, Zoe has another growth spurt. And she has her eye on Madison’s boyfriend Austin! [It looks like Flu Shots will end up being 5 parts long, so stay tuned!] […]

Flu Shots Two

28+11 pages, Color+B&W, $10.99

Madison watches in horror as Zoe outgrows her.

Upcoming Comics

Sorry for the delay. Here are the latest comics! The next Flu Shots chapter will be up soon! Flu Shots Part Two finds shrunken older sister Madison adjusting to being the same size as her little sister Zoe. And soon Zoe starts to feel the effects of the flu shots! In addition to the great art […]

Flu Shots One

35 pages, Color, $9.99

A mutated injection changes the family dynamics.

DreamTales Comic Poll Results

The poll results are in! I don’t have  time to go into a detailed analysis just now, so I’m posting a brief summary. Interestingly the results were very similar to the last poll several years ago.  Lots of respondents gave detailed ideas and comments, which I will read through carefully. There were over 900 responses! Favorite Genre? From […]

Reader Survey

Please take the DreamTales Reader Survey! This is your chance to let us know what you want to see! Want more Mom? Had enough Yard Work? Have other suggestions? There are 12 questions, so it should only take a minute or two: Take the Survey!

Upcoming Comics

Here are the latest comics! Yard Work 15 should be up soon, and features a Giantess theme with Nicole and Luke, plus some new characters. There’s also a showdown between Luke and Amy! Here is a preview of Flu Shots, a new Female AR comic by the same Yard Work artist Yuan. This will be […]

Big Splash Two

48 pages, Color, US$11.99

Girls and guys shrink and grow in a remote lake.

Upcoming Comics

Sorry I’ve been a little late in posting updates. Here’s what is coming up! The Big Splash Two should be up in the next few days. It’s a fun sequel to the original Big Splash, with more great art by the Pepper Pair. It combines AR / AP, shrinking and GTS, plus some fun SM […]

The Wrong Sister

30 pages, Color, $9.99

A love triangle with AR / AP / SW and GTS fantasies!

Upcoming Comics

Here’s an update on the latest comics. I know some of you have been waiting for some new Female AR / AP comics, so here we go! Starlet Stripe Part Three will be up in a few days. More Mini-Giantess fun as the 10 foot tall ladies show off their assets to a crowd of […]

Upcoming Comics

Here’s an update on the latest comics: The next Yard Work features Mom growing huge! Mom gets stuck in a window and can’t stop growing – the more embarrassed she is, the more she grows and the more stuck she gets! Yard Work Fourteen should be ready in early January. Starlet Stripe Part Two will be […]

Upcoming Comics

Here’s what’s coming up: Starlet Stripe has been delayed a bit and will be released around December 10. As mentioned, it’s a retro GTS comic that features Mini-GTS, Breast Expansion, and Muscle Girl themes. The next Yard Work chapter will go back to the Giantess / Female Growth theme. Mom fans should enjoy this one! […]

Upcoming Comics

Here are the next comics in the lineup: Yard Work 13 will be up in the next few days. If you enjoyed the Male AR in Night at the Opera you should like this one too. Luke gets younger and more immature, while Amy grows bigger and more adult. Mom is there too, for you […]

Upcoming Comics

Two more comics are coming up soon! A Night at the Opera Part One will be up in the next few days (sorry for the delay on this one). This is a Male AR comic with art from Palcomix. Frank as he regresses throughout the story from adult, to teen, to adolescent, to a child and […]

Upcoming Comics

Two new comics are coming up soon! Mountain Girls Part Two will be up in the next few days. More GTS fun as Daisey Lou and Joleen continue their battle as fifty foot tall giantesses! A Night at the Opera, a Male AR comic with art from Palcomix, is coming up soon too. Here is […]

New Website

As you can see, I upgraded to a new website – it’s pretty similar to the old one but should be easier to read on mobile devices, etc. What do you think? Please let me know if you find anything wrong by leaving a comment below or contacting me on the Contact Form